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XEOS is a joint venture between Lufthansa Technik (51%) and GE Aviation (49%). These two leading aviation companies have built a state-of-the-art aircraft engine service center in the Legnica Special Economic Zone in Środa Śląska. The new facility is overhauling GE engines operated by Lufthansa and other airlines as well as cargo operators. XEOS was open for business in April 2019.

What are we doing?

XEOS applies innovative technologies to ensure comprehensive maintenance and repairs of cutting-edge engines produced by GE Aviation: GEnx-2B and later on - GE9X, which is to debut on the market in 2021. In addition to disassembly, repair and assembly of engines, from spring 2021 onwards XEOS will be performing engine tests in one of the most innovative test cells in the world. At the mature state, the facility is to employ 600 high class specialists - aircraft engine mechanics and engineers.The company’s budget for staff training amounts to 60 million zloty and includes its own Training Center. Altogether, the joint venture partners are investing one billion zloty in this new state of the art MRO center, which is scheduled to operate for at least the next 40 years.

GE9X engine will debut on the market in 2021.

cutting edge technologies
and state of the art facility

international and multicultural
work environment

top class specialists with aviation
background and experience

strong position and excellent reputation guaranteed by joint venture companies, known globally as aviation industry leaders

fast and dynamic

modern and flexible
lean management

Xeos is more than just a job. It’s about emotions, having real impact on the world and people around us. Adrenaline and love for aviation. Every day.

#teamxeos - in the heart of aviation. We offer you a unique opportunity to work in the MRO industry with the most modern engines and technologies.

I <3 Xeos

XEOS mission

Merging heritage, technology and investment in people, we provide customized jet engine services that continuously redefine the cutting edge of our industry, making our customers successful and employees proud.

XEOS values

We acknowledge our colleagues’ competencies and skills.
We appreciate and gladly share our previous experiences to foster mutual growth.
We do not blame each other for our mistakes, but accept them as an opportunity to learn.
We seek and accept feedback from anyone in the organization.
We inspire and get inspired to fuel our passion for aviation.
We seek challenging work to allow ourselves to grow and coach each other to be successful.

We ensure the safety of our product as our first priority.
We make decisions remembering that every action or lack of it matters.
We always raise a hand if something is wrong.
We clearly communicate and agree expectations and responsibilities with our colleagues and our customers.
We encourage a can-do mentality by focusing on solutions rather than complaining.
We take responsibility for a task, own the action and hold ourselves accountable for the result.
We take decisions in the best interest of our clients.

We take action considering not only our own department and see the wider perspective.
We support each other with empathy.
We get involved with the intention to add value.

We challenge stereotypes and prejudices.
We take responsibility of the health and safety of ourselves and others.
We consider the private life of our colleagues.
We smile and enjoy our work.

We assume our colleagues’ good intentions.
We listen to each other.
We appreciate our cultural differences.
We accept our colleagues’ borders and don’t cross them.
We recognize achievements and acknowledge our colleagues with personal appreciation.

Thomas Böttger

Thomas Böttger,

XEOS Managing Director of Business

“XEOS means modern technologies, world-class solutions as well as highest standards of quality and safety.
We create the history of the aerospace industry and knowledge-based modern economy, whosemain pillar is aviation. We take pride of this challenge and want to write this story together withour team of high-end professionals equipped with truly unique skills.”

Stefan Schmuck

Stefan Schmuck,

XEOS Managing Director of Operations

“We have started a long, at least 40-year long journey. Since December 2016, Poland and Lower Silesia, and especially Środa Śląska, have been our home. We have been building our team basing on candidates from all over Europe and providing them with an opportunity to work in extremely innovative and dynamically developing economy sector. A job in XEOS means everyday challenges. It also means huge prestige and huge responsibility – at the end of the day for lives of aircraft passengers all over the world.”

XEOS warranties:

  • work in an environment of innovation and modern technologies with state-of-the art aircraft engines
  • safety, quality and the highest work standards
  • involvement in one of the largest projects in the history of aviation
  • opportunity to be involved in building and development of a dynamic company created by global operators from Day 0
  • international, modern and varied work environment
  • responsibility for our employees, natural environment and region in which the company operates
  • modern work organization model - responsible tasks and a high level of independence at work
  • long-term employment perspective
  • competitive remuneration
  • attractive benefit scheme (private health care, life insurance, sport club membership)
  • relocation packages and other employee programs

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XEOS Training center:

XEOS Training Center was opened in June 2017. It consists of theoretical training area (600 sqm) and practical training area (2500 sqm). The practical training area is engine overhaul mini workshop for disassembly and assembly of engines, geared with a highly specialized equipment, thanks to which we were able to achieve exactly the same standards and conditions as in the real plant.

The training of XEOS mechanics takes place in stages, in groups of approximately 25 people. It lasts ca. 15-18 months and includes detailed aircraft engine’s theory, mastering aviation English, hand skills practices, extended practical training and on-the-job training in MRO facilities.


Poland is a fascinating country mixing Easter and Western Europe influence both in the geographical and cultural sense. Located in the center of the Northern European plain, the country enjoys a crucial position as the largest of the former Eastern Bloc members and as one of the most populous member states of the European Union.

Poland joined European Union in 2004, and the Schengen Area in 2007. Thanks to its location, more and more foreign investments from Western Europe, as well as from the US and Asia, are attracted to Poland, what influences an increase of the number of foreigners who decide to pursue their career opportunities here.

International reports emphasize the economic and political stability, educated and competent human capital and a large domestic market of Poland. During global economic crisis, Poland has strengthened its position, not only in the region of Central and Eastern Europe but also globally. Foreign investors willingly locate their capital in Poland treating it as a safe haven in times of economic instability.

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Wrocław, Środa Śląska

XEOS aircraft engine service and repair center was built in the Legnica Special Economic Zone, ul. Innowacji 2, Środa Śląska. Convenient location, attractive job market and well developed housing, educational, cultural and leisure infrastructure make Środa Śląska worth considering as a place of residence for you and your family.

Środa Śląska 34 km
(45 min)

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XEOS Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Innowacji 2, Święte
55-300 Środa Śląska

General Contact: office@xeos.aero
HR Contact: recruiting@xeos.aero